Calling a .NET Assembly from CSharp with CS-Script



  1. ..\..\..\PULIB\_DEVEL_LOGS\20140412 What is available today for MAKEFILEs\INDEX.HTM  or what’s available for scripting :)


  1. 20140417
    1. CS-Script rocks!
    2. I like this one over scriptcs engine
      1. Nice integration into Notepad++ (via a couple of plugins)
        1. Intellisense
        2. Code map
        3. Execution (via F5)
        4. defaulted to VisualStudio key-bindings (shortcuts)
        5. Debugging
        6. Code management
        7. … too many too list
      2. Plain CS code


  1. Invoke my .NET DLLs (Assemblies) from a simple scripting language (here CSharp aka C#)


  1. CS-Script
    2. CS-Script Source – Download: Release v3.8.0  Wow!!! release just yesterday :)
    3. Though I never installed directly CS-Script it looks like NPPScripts Notepad++ plugin did this and resulted in this very latest release 3.8.0 :)


  1. Works in conjunction with Notepad++
  2. Also installed Notepad++ plugins suggested
    1. CS-Script for Notepad++ (C# intellisense and code execution) – Home
    2. Notepad++ Automation (NppScripts) – Home

Referencing my DLL

  1. the standard way via using …

  2. the code looks like you have to wrap in standard class (unlike scriptcs engine)

  3. I discovered there is also support for “Auto-Class” thru a comment directive like so

  4. Intellisense (code completion)


Execute Script from any folder

  1. I reloaded the script from a different folder and it was able to locate the DLL (I presume from the GAC copy)

I am sold, I will stick with this implementation…


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