Tongue Twister in Verse 57 Suwra 9 “Tawba” – Quran

The first encounter with the blue highlighted word group in
the verse 57 of chapter 9 will often trip most of us :)

If they could find a refuge or some caves
or any place to enter [and hide], they
would turn to it
while they run heedlessly.

Getting into an easier script and spacing is key :)

Next step is to undo the shaddah as follows


Now recognize the basic building block sounds

(I use the back-quote for hamza in my transliteration.  Note how the letter-sukuwn sourced from each the shaddas now tags with the preceeding letter)

Now the highlighted lam presents a pronunciation challenge

You will need to consider the tokens “laan, l”  together and applying the rules of Tajweed

  1. ikhfa nuwn, (hiding the phonetic noon letter)
  2. `id-ghaam of the laams (merging)
  3. We are left with “laa…l” phonetically “LAL”



   We now have the basic sound of  lam with sukoon preceded with lam with fatha
from the 2352 possible combinations mentioned before pronounced simply as “lal

The final basic sound tokens become:

Listen to the reciter  009057partial

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